If you are a Personal Trainer, Bootcamp, Yoga Instructor or Massage Therapist and have a large social media following (10k or more followers on Instagram or 4k or more friends on Facebook) you may be able to qualify for sponsored travel with Man Expeditions. The Travel Sponsorships being offered entail qualified applicants to a subsidized or free trip in exchange for their services.

This opportunity also provides our affiliate Fitness Trainers with a platform to recruit new clients, market themselves and leverage on paid social media advertising campaigns funded by the Man Expeditions sponsors. There will be opportunities to train our members in preparation for their Man Expedition trip if they request you as their Personal Fitness Trainer. If a member of Man Expeditions requests your training services you must be able to provide either online training sessions or in-person sessions depending on where the client lives. The paid hourly rate is negotiable and Man Expeditions will retain 15% of the booking value as an administrative fee.

To apply complete the below form and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss the details with you if you have been shortlisted.

  • In-Person Training
    Online Training
    Bootcamp/Group Training
    Massage Therapy

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