About us - Man Expeditions

About Us

Our mission

To bring like-minded men together through their love of adventure and travel while making a positive impact in the world. Our goal is to design adventures for all men, of all fitness levels, who are looking to connect with other men who share similar interests, to make new friends and who are looking to try something different.

Our values

Our core values and existence stems from making a more inclusive and supportive community for men. Man Ex is a community driven initiative of aspiring men brought together by their love of adventure, exploration and the desire to network with other men who have similar social values in life. Whether you want to challenge yourself, find meaningful friendships or to make a difference in the world, this community is for you.

What we deliver

  • To deliver life enhancing adventures to unite and reconnect men in a healthy way both mentally and physically.
  • To provide a platform for our community to meet other like-minded guys with common interests from all over the world and to build more meaningful friendships.
  • To help raise awareness for our affiliated Animal Welfare Charity partners through our adventure travels which are supported by our media sponsors to elevate PR and social media awareness for their causes.